Gaspard and lisa 1

Gaspard (Black) Lisa (White)

Lisa is a six year old white dog. She wears a red scarf.Her best friend is Gaspard and she sits next to him in class. And she has always good idea

Lisa's Family

  • Victoria: Lisa's older sister, she is 11 years old. She wears a pink blouse. She often gets angry at Lisa for making a mess. Sometimes Lisa and Victoria shares sisterbond and love hate.
  • Lila is the one year old baby sister of Lisa. She wears a purple dress. A full-length episode of the series tells the story of when Lila was born and how Lisa was jealous at first but then began to love her sister. Lila likes her big sister.
  • Lisa's Papa: is the father of Lisa and her two sisters and husband of their mother. He works as a carpenter wears a gray jacket.
  • Lisa's Mama: Lisa, Victoria and Lila's mother and wife of their father. She is a housewife and wears a green necklace.